Colombia, ACEQF

Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

-Research in universities or local centers: In the areas of phytochemistry and natural products, pharmaceutical technology, public health, tropical diseases, and biotechnology.

-Hospital pharmacy: Hospital and clinical pharmaceutical services, with activities such as drug supplying and patient counseling.

-Cosmetic industry: Small scale cosmetic production. (STILL IN PROCESS).

-Pharmaceutical industry: Visiting laboratories dedicated to produce and/or do quality control testes to medicines, validations and pharmaceutical development. Also small industry of natural product using vegetables on formulations as raw materials for cosmetics.

Length of training periods

2 weeks as minimum and 3 months as maximum. The minimum time at day will be defined depending of the place.

Available months and cities

From July 2021 Research Areas: Medellin. Hospital Pharmacy Areas: Medellin. Industry Areas: Medellin.


Type accommodation

For SEP in Colombia, ACEQF proposes the following options: The student can be hosted by a local student or professor, it can be free of payment, or include a payment fee of maximum 80 USD for a month (Varies on the host and city). Student’s residence, which can cost around $ 180 USD for a month. Each student can choose a hotel or hostel as well, which will not be assumed by ACEQF, however, local IPSF or other designers could help in choosing the best place.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

No pocket money will be provided. We estimated a personal daily spend of $ 10 USD in food and $ 4 USD in transportation.

Language requirements

Intermediate Spanish: Only for research Fluent Spanish: For hospital and industry.

Other requirements

Students should have completed at least their second year of pharmacy school. Recent graduates with no more than 4 years of getting their grade will be accepted as well. Varies among the city and the hosting university. Students willing to practice in hospital areas will have to update their vaccination card (The required vaccinations will be informed on the appropriate time). If the student is willing to practice in research areas, he will have to send the SEO a written proof of his current studies in pharmacy or his recent graduation. For safety, SEP students should buy a Laboral Accident Insurance in the hosting city or university, with the help of the SEO. Additionally, all SEP students will have to get an international health insurance document, in order to cover additional issues outside the practice areas.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

VISA: Students from the following countries can enter Colombia without a visa: all PARO members, members of the European Union, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapur, South Korea, and Taiwan. On the other hand, all member from AFRO and EMRO do require vise in other to visit Colombia. For further information, you can check:

Selection Procedures
  • The SEO and the ACEQF National Board will select each student.
  • We can also participate in bilateral exchanges.
  • Contact: IPSF Student Exchange Officer of ACEQF, [email protected]

Information updated 23rd of January, 2021