Algeria, ASEPT

Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

Community Pharmacy - Hospital Pharmacy, in private and public hospitals. - Industry ( Maybe ).

The internship in hospital will be in different areas, like the central pharmacy of the hospital, the radiopharmacy production unit, microbiology department, biochemistry department, hemobiology department, and toxicology department.

Length of training periods

Between 2 weeks and 1 month

Available months and cities

In Tizi-Ouzou mainly

Type accommodation
  • Host Families, Student residences, both provided by the host association.
  • Hostel : the student has to pick his own accommodation and we will help him to find the best place.
  • If the student has another idea he can let us know
Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

The host association will be taking care of food ( breakfast and dinner ) and transportation to the place of the area’s internship. However, the students have to bring enough money to buy souvenirs or other personal expenses. Living in Algeria costs 7-10 EUR per day

Language requirements

French. English An advantage for knowledge of little bit Arabic since it is the mother language in Algeria

Other requirements

Minimum year of study : third year

Information on Work Permits and Visa

Depends of where the student coming from More details are provided in the link below :

Type of visa : tourist visa Can't be obtained online Visa cost : 85 EUR Time of obtaining : approximately 15 days The host association will provide this documents which will be needed in the visa application: an invitation letter, certificate of accommodation and a certificate of internship agreement. The documents will be sanded to the SEO’s home association.

Selection Procedures

There is no deadline to apply, however it is preferable if at least 1 month to 2 prior to the exchange period due to the visa applications delay.