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Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

Area: Research in a University (Universidade de São Paulo - USP, São Paulo - SP - Brazil)

Research line 1: Quality Control of Drugs, Cosmetics and Herbal Medicines - The student will develop skills in relation to analytical methods, pharmacopoeial tests and current legislation aimed at and applied to the physical-chemical quality control of inputs, medicines and cosmetics for professional practice in the area of physical-chemical quality control in the pharmaceutical industries, research and laboratories.

Research line 2: Microbial Biomolecules - The student will work with Biotechnological production of Antimicrobial Compounds (Bacteriocins and Biosurfactants) with application in the pharmaceutical, food, veterinary and dental areas.

Length of training periods

1) 3 to 8 weeks - depends on the student's schedule

2) 8 weeks

Both can be extended longer if the student has good yield and so desire it. Subject to the availability of the teacher to accept.

Available months and cities
  • Available from 2020 January to October (any time of the year)
  • City: São Paulo, SP

PS: The exchange will take place at USP's College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, so there will always be other students in the research lab (from USP - pharmacy and chemistry especially - and other exchange students), also some FEBRAF’s members. That means that the SEP student will have support for the entire program regardless of the month they choose to go.

Type accommodation
  • Our exchanges students usually stay at a hostel (paid by the student, approximately 20 EUR/night) and choose between shared room (mixed or single-sex) or individual room.
  • Students do not need to book accommodation (will be done by our team), we just ask to deposit at least half of the total accommodation amount 1 month before leaving for Brazil. The remaining amount can be paid during the stay until the exchange ends.
Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration
  • Flight ticket paid by the student;
  • We can provide financial aid for transport (between the hostel and the research lab) and food (only within the university restaurants).
  • Others financial benefits are not provided. (we advise to bring an amount of 400 EUR to spend in 4 weeks - food, trips and tourism)
Language requirements

English, Spanish or Portuguese

Other requirements

1) We accept students from 2nd year of graduation or postgraduate students in any year.

2) Only postgraduate students with prior experience.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

The need of visa and necessary documents will be analyzed according to the student's origin (we will help the student with all visa process) Additional Documents needed: health insurance

The student may have to make a specific document for foreigners in Brazil depending on the length of their exchange. This will be notified in advance by our team.

Selection Procedures
  • Selection Procedures will be done by our SEO.
  • No deadline from now.
  • More details of 2020 Summer SEP will be provided by Jan 2020 in our social media.

Contact: IPSF Student Exchange Officer of FEBRAF, [email protected]

Information update: 04th November 2019